Monday, October 25, 2010



  1. randi - we talked a lot about our design and the fun background. The big problem is you layout of your text. I expect to have your site structure, wire frame and then the 3 different designs uploaded on to your. You need to really try and expaNd you web design and that can be achieved through the adult camp design. DESIGN YOUR TEXT DESIGN YOUR TEXT DESIGN YOU TEXT.
    1. Company Rock n roll camps for girls
    2. Mission Help girls with self esteem through rock n roll music creation and performance
    3. Meeting not too far away
    4. Target market - females 8- 17 years
    but there is also an older women’s section – does that mean the skin of the website changes to be more
    5. Research look at other girl camps, entail rock music images and content.
    Design expected
    6. Site Structure -
    7. Wire Frame -
    8. 3 design roughs
    9. Final Design
    External Style sheets
    3 webpage

  2. Randi - I need to see the rest of the items on your blog
    I want to see a documentation of your process - this will help you in the end - others need and want to know your process - the wireframe, the site structure - the competition, other designs and the process of changing and completing your work.