Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Website Review

Don’t Like : Ironfistcloththing.com
This website which is a clothing website is a website that I do not like to much. Although I love the clothing line  the website just does not seem to go well with the style of the clothing. The set up of the website is to plain and just has pictures posted. It lacks attitude and style which is nothing like the clothing. I think if they added more colors and maybe some type of color scheme it would help it.

Don’t Like: LipstickProphets.com
Lipstick prophets is another clothing website that I like but do not like the website. This clothing line is fun funky and has a lot of attitude  which are elements that this website lacks. Its to plain and looks like it should be a portfolio for  a photographer and not a clothing website. It almost makes you think you’ve logged onto the wrong website when you first enter.

Like: Joanjett.com
I absolutely love this website not just because Joan Jett is my idol but because the website is so well put together. The  colors the placement of the pictures in the corner and her name with the buttons on top looks awesome. They all work very well together and you defiantly get who she is and what she is about. This website has an 80’s vibe as well as a modern vibe the website is perfect.
Like: Hottopic.com
Hot topic is an amazing stire and the website represents the store very well the colors and crazy edgy vibe show you what the store sells and its style. The big pictures that are displayed when you first enter show you there sales and whats new to the store with out making it look tacky. If you’ve been in the store and go online you know there the same place with the music banners and colors in the background.

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